Allow customers to pay quickly with cards stored on their Google Pay™ accounts

Google Pay™ gives customers a faster, simpler way to pay on sites, in apps, and in stores – making it easier to do business

Google Pay is instant payment from Google, which enables simple and fast card payments without having to enter their payment details each time. The card data is safely stored by Google. This payment method is available for all devices (mobile phones and computers), irrespective of the operating system and web browser. This method is available for payment in mobile applications on any Android device and in the Chrome browser.

Customers can pay with payment card stored in their Google Pay account
Easy and quick integration with your website or mobile app
Ability of direct integration Google Pay payment method
With payment just a click away, merchants can decrease customers’ time to buy and make them far less likely to abandon their shopping carts
Google Pay protects customers’ payment info with multiple layers of security to help keep their accounts safe
Merchants get to tap into a network that includes hundreds of millions of Google users and cards on file
Google Pay and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC

How it works?

For quick and easy payment, it is enough to have payment cards added in Google Pay

1. Customer adds a payment card to Google Pay account
2. To finish the purchase just select previously added payment card in Google Pay and confirm payment
3. Seller will receive payment notification


Google Pay connection is possible via the WayForPay payment page/widget or via Google Pay API
Google Pay is available to all shops/merchants connected to the WayForPay system without additional agreements and operations

Connection via the page/widget WayForPay

With this method, there is no need for additional integrations. The Google Pay button will be displayed on WayForPay widget or payment page. If you are already registered in WayForPay, the payment method will be enabled automatically. You can manage payment methods in your Personal Account, in the "Payment Methods" menu.

Connection with Google Pay API

With this integration a button Google Pay can be added to your website without any additional forms. In this case, you will need to go through the connection procedure and other checks. A website or a mobile application must meet certain requirements. Your website should use HTTPS and support TLS 1.2.

Connection with Google Pay API

To receive payments in an app or on a site with Google Pay API integration, you must:

Comply with branding requirements.
Check the integration checklist
Get verified - send mobile app (.apk) or link to site with payment page.

Use Google Pay API to get a PaymentData. As script parameters specify:

  1. Available payment methods:
    var allowedPaymentMethods = ['CARD', 'TOKENIZED_CARD'];
  2. Tokenization type - PAYMENT_GATEWAY:
    tokenizationType: 'PAYMENT_GATEWAY'
  3. gateway parameterwayforpay
  4. gatewayMerchantId parameter Your merchantAccount from your account
if integration was correctly, you will receive a Gpay button on your website/application
Pop-up window or a form of selecting an added card will appear after after pressing a button on a device with a connected Google Pay.
Sample dataset returned by Google Pay
        "description":"Mastercard  •••• 1164",
                "phoneNumber":"+380 63 000 00 35",
                "address1":"ул. ",
                "name":"Super 1",
                "administrativeArea":"Dnipropetrovsk state"
    "email":"[email protected]"
If the payer confirms the payment, the callback will return the data to the processPayment function, which will need to be sent to the API WayForPay, for payment.
Sample dataset sent by Charge WayForPay API
        "iphone 6p",
        "iphone 7p"
    "clientEmail":"[email protected]",
    "cardHolder":"JOHN DOE",
    "gpPMDescription": "Mastercard  •••• 6861",
    "gpPMType": "CARD",


For using Google Pay method you shall comply with Google Usage Conditions
The standard commission for the store is applied to the payment method

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