Recurring payments in the Personal Account: - the management of automatic payments created when paying through WayForPay service is available in the menu.


For a recurring payment, it is possible:

  • To suspend it;
  • To change the frequency of write-offs;
  • To change the next and last payment dates;
  • To change the write-off amount;
  • To replace the payment card.


Go to the “Recurring Payments” menu. In this menu, all created recurring payments will be displayed.


Recurring payments status:


Activethe active recurring payment; write-offs will occur with the frequency specified.

Suspended the recurring write-off is paused.

Completed – the payment is completed; the payment no longer occurs.



For management and payment details, click on  in the payment block. In the popup box, the information about: the amount, payment creation date, last payment date, the payer’s data, card and order ID, will be displayed. In the “Recurring Payment Management block, the frequency can be suspended or changed; the card can be replaced; and the payment can be deleted.



The payment can be suspended by clicking on the icon 

To change the frequency, next payment date, last payment date and amount, click on the icon 

In the popup box, the change in necessary parameters is available.



 To delete the recurring payment, click on the wastebasket icon   and confirm the recurring payment stoppage. After the recurring payment is canceled, all subsequent charges under this payment will be stopped.


In order to change the card for the recurring write-off, click on “Change” in the “Payment Card” block.



In the popup box, it is necessary to undergo the procedure for adding a new card.



After the successful addition of a card, the next recurring payment according to the planned schedule will occur from a new card. 



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