1. Choose method of payments terminals “TERMINAL” and enter your data. After this click “To pay via terminal”.


2. Then you will be readdressed to the page of Liqpay service. Click “To continue” for payment effecting.

3. Enter required phone number for payment confirmation and receiving of special code via SMS message.


4. Enter code received via SMS message for log in confirmation, click "To log in". You will log in to your account for payment effecting.

5. Bill data will be specified on the page. Click “To pay” in order to make a bill for cash payment.

6. Save the bill number. You can settle a bill in cash via any PrivatBank self-service terminal according to phone number and bill made.

7. Enter phone number used for bill making.

 8. Enter password from SMS message or answer the confirming call from bank to confirm log in.

9. Then you should go to menu “My payments". Due and unpaid bills will be displayed at the top of the screen

10Verify data in selected bill and click “To pay”


11. You can print a receipt after successful payment via terminal


Please note! Minimum amount for payment via terminal is equal to 10 UAH.  

Terminals do not make change.

The online store will receive a notice of cash inflow after payment.

You can find a detailed instruction on payment via PrivatBank self-service terminal by referencе